Friday, December 1, 2006

Economics and the Al-Qaeda attack lie

I happen to run across this little gem of an article today Al-Qaeda linked by one of my favorite sites Most people of this great land of ours the good old USofA do not have more than an 8th grade education and can't read. So when a stupid sensational tidbit of info comes by like this it makes me wonder. Being a Network Engineer for large ISP I find this idea of being able to take down financial website with a DDoS absurd. If a large bank or financial allowed the attack of its website to fail during a denial of service the IT staff should be fired. In this day and age of cheap hosting, cheap bandwidth, cheap servers, cheap network hardware, routing black lists, I find the very notion of this sad and pathetic. One has to be a total fool or completely ignorant of current network infrastructure hardware and security technology to believe that an attack of any magnitude could affect every financial service provider.

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